About Achim Pahlke Enterprises

Engineering & Management

Achim Pahlke Enterprises was founded in September 2019 after more than 10 years experience in mechatronic design and measurement technology. Holding a B.Sc., M.Sc. and a Diploma in mechatronics, additionally a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, the scientific knowledge gives a broad basement for all kind of projects.

Following the academic career in Germany, various tasks within Interdisciplinary Research & Development, Project Management and Innovation Management for well-known companies in Switzerland in the field of Measurement Technologies were mastered.

Beside Publications and different Lectureships along with various Patents have been claimed.

Sophisticated experience include the following fields of engineering: Hydraulics, Scales, Flow-Metering, Automation, Software, Testing, Load Cells, Digital Signal Processing, Optical Measurement, Gearwheels, Quality Assurance, Pressure Sensors, Force Sensors, Test Benches, Strain Gauges, Combustion Control, Gas Density, Thinfilm and Magnetic Sensors.

AP Enterprises

Realized Projects

Projects realized with international Customers

Some examples of realized projects of Achim Pahlke Enterprises together with international customers:

  • Intellectual property (patents) within the field of measurement technology
  • Sophisticated thinfilm sensors based on strain gages
  • Digital Signal Processing on various data
  • New technology studies of materials, maschining and production methods
  • Public funding and cooperation with universities
  • Numerical simulation and advanced calculations
  • 3D-CAD Design of mechanical components
  • Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA / FEM) simulation for stability, natural frequency and thermal investigation
  • Projectmanagement for retrofitting / new manufacturing technology introduction
  • Organization and evaluation of strategic partner and supplier
  • Introduction of new methods in quality assurance
  • Evaluation of production technologies in terms of throughput, costs and technology
  • Validation of buisness strategies regarding capabilities, resources and market orientation
  • The Skills

    Having explicit Skills is a Must for successfull Engineering & Management. Following Charts visualize the capabilities offered to empower your business.

    Mechatronic Development
    Simulation & Data Processing
    Project Management
    Business Engineering & Consulting