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Engineering Support is a wide field so are the inherit challenges. The Portfolio of Achim Pahlke Enterprises offers a deeper look into the services provided and the specific Knowledge and Mindset to achieve performance and empowering your business!

Mechatronic Design
Mechatronik Design

The Mechatronic Design is the interdisciplinary approach to find a global optimization of a system combining the classic engineering fields Electronics, Mechanics and Software.


No field of engineering can emerge without the support of Simulation, no matter if a Mechanical Simulation using FEA, Numerical Simulation or Hardware-in-the-Loop.

Data Processing
Data Processing

Today, in most applications it is no longer the issue to get information but to handle and analyze the data in an appropriate way. Also, a critical view on the data is vital.

Project Management
Project Management

With every technology evolution the complexity of a system increases - often along with the cost sensitivity. To reach a successful product launch, a professional Project Management is mandatory.

Business Engineering
Business Engineering

Beside the Product Development also related Processes should be optimized. These are not only production processes, also lacking efficiency in the organization must be uncovered and improved.


To have an eye on New Technologies, IP-Situation and -Strategies, Competitors, Market Situation and Industrial Research is vital but often Daily Business slows down. This can be changed!

Mechatronic Design

AP Enterprises support companies during the entire product development process - on strategic and tactical topics with a strong "hands-on" mentality.

Mechatronic Design: Much more than just robotics...!

Mechatronic Design is an holistic approach for the optimization of technical designs
The Interdisciplinary approach includes beside the fields of engineering

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Software

also adjoining disciplines like Sales & Marketing, Production, Procurement, Quality, etc. In today's economy, it is critical to bring all (typically distributed) disciplines together.  

But how does exactly Mechatronic Design helps in product development?

Mechatronic is the approach to find a global optimum right from the beginning of a development process. The different technical disciples come to work together and the first system is designed and afterwards divided into subsystems of the technical disciples like Mechanics, Electronics and Software. Special respect is about the connections of each subsystem to each other. Furthermore, the adjoining disciplines got an impact to the development process. Questions or approaches like

  • Design to Cost
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Make or Buy
  • Design for Six Sigma

have to be integrated in to the development process. With the interdisciplinary mechatronic approach the system can be designed to the optimum within the specific needs by specialists of the technical disciplines.
Benefits are a faster development process, the optimization in technical terms and the interaction of the engineering fields needed for today's challenges in product development.

AP Enterprises services explicit Know-how in the field of mechatronic designs and can support in all mayor technical disciplines - but most valuable support can be offered in the interdisciplinary approach itself.


Digital Simulation is an essential part in today's product development, not only in measurement technology

Simulation: Much more than just Finite-Element-Analysis...!

Simulation is a vital approach for the design and optimization of technical systems. Most common types of simulation are:

  • Thermal Simulation using FEA
  • Mechanical Simulation using FEA
  • Numerical Simulation
  • System Simulation

Methods like Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA) generates data out of mechanical designs and usually has an integrated post-processing for visualization. Beside the needed interpretation of the results, the limitation factors are of high importance.

AP Enterprises services explicit Know-how in the field of FEA and Numerical Simulation.

Data Processing

While the amount of sensors and the need to control a process increase, the appropriate processing of data is often neglected.

Data Processing is one of the most emerging fields, even outside the Measurement Technology!

Usually, more important than the data itself is the appropriate handling and interpretation. Within the field of measurement technology, even the characterization of sensors itself is an important part. So, (digital) data processing plays a more and more important role. Also, outside the classic field of Metrology, today's IT-System as well as the emerging number of sensors produce a overwhelming amount of data, widely known as "Big Data". New methods and algorithms are used to handle these massive amount of information.
Points of interest for AP Enterprises are

  • Data Requirements
  • Design of the Measurement Chain
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Filtering
  • Adaptive Filtering
  • Measurement Uncertainty (e.g. GUM)
  • Data Interpretation

AP Enterprises services explicit Know-how in the field of Data Handling, -Processing, Filtering and most important the Interpretation.

Project Management

Emerging complexity in all technical fields need a tailored organization within projects. Here comes modern Project Management into account.

Key success factors for projects are

  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Organization Skills
  • Reporting

of the Project Manager. While Project Management itself usually deals with the constrains

  • Scope
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Budget

An additional challenge is the allocation of inputs and to apply them to the project's objectives. Within Product Development Project's, distinct technical skills are necessary to handle the complex technical interconnections.

AP Enterprises services explicit Know-how in the field of international Project Management of large, strategic Projects.

Business Engineering

Every product got its related processes within the company, not only in he Production but also in Procurement, Quality and Sales.

The processes must be designed and optimized too!

Services provided by AP Enterprises are

  • Process Design
  • Process Analytics
  • Process Optimization
  • Alternative Concepts


The Market never sleeps. Ususally, so the Competitors do not.

Gain knowledge about technologies, the IP Situation and Competitors

Usually, more important than the data itself is the appropriate handling and interpretation. Within the field of Measurement Technology, even the characterization of sensors itself is an important part. So, (digital) data processing plays a more and more important role. Points of interest are

  • New Technologies
  • Digitalization Challenges
  • IP Situation
  • IP Strategy
  • Innovation Management

AP Enterprises provides explicit Know-how in the field of Industrial and Academic Research.